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Nike air max 1 shoes for athletes to make products

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This "Nike sports meeting" to appear on Nike air max exclusive series run was first designed in cooperation with Chinese athletes Nike products, but also Nike for athletes to make products for the first time. It launched a series of symbolic movement started a new challenge for Liu Xiang, he Nike air max 90 advocated more joy with sports, running is the best way. At the same time, this series seems mindful of Liu Xiang didn't give up personality, which is what Nike Just Do It the most perfect interpretation of the spirit of. Liu Xiang always wear running shoes has two: LunarGlide+3 with unique sustained shock and simulate barefoot concept of movement Nike air max 1 shoes. Liu Xiang run series will be formally listed on August 30, including running shoes and clothing for men and women.

Nike air max 1 team players in the afternoon

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Is the so-called holds up, Nike air max 90 Braves win! "Nike sports meeting" in a running duel, treadmill for 10 levels of confrontation line in turn, participants grouping 55 3-minute timed running challenge, each in 3 minutes and ran out the last group to calculate the total number of kilometers, Nike air max winning teams get an additional reward. Among them, the interaction between LeBron James and Liu Xiang became "Nike campaign meeting" one of the bright spots on, Liu Xiang and his teammate Shi dongpeng led from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taipei, and Hong Kong's active run in the evening of August 18, running vs, lebulangzhanmusi became full of the most active of the cheerleaders. While the Nike air max 1 team players in the afternoon of the same day "Nike Cup" finals start and smaller players running good at.

Nike air max 90 designed by renowned

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Running-I show the whole style of design is Nike air max 90 designed by renowned designer and stylist Li Daqi personally, the whole area was full of stylish, dynamic, Nike air max 1 trendy atmosphere. Ran fans of the region every day to enjoy the 4 field running style show, a group of beautiful runner wearing the new Nike running equipment do you run model demonstration, running friends were and also had the opportunity to personally experience the chic "running t." In addition, Li Daqi for running fans running load mix of ideas, Nike air max and running fit model competitions and reviews.

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