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Nike air max 90 shoes give runners more comfortable

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In April 2011, the NIKE FREE RUN+2 coming soon. This new Nike air max 90 shoes give runners more comfortable, flexible wear. More color, but also to provide more options for running enthusiasts. Unfettered, lightning-fast runs almost is the common Nike air max aspirations of all runners, NIKE FREE RUN+2 vamp design using multiple levels of support structures, long supported by thin resilient material, direct bonding with the key regional networks to ensure a large range of mobile, provide a runner must be the upper support. Inside the inner structure is used, just like a pair of Socks package directly in the instep so feet can be arbitrary curved stretch. Asymmetric lace design also help alleviate the pressure on the instep, improving comfort. Cutting technology of high precision heat knife was used in Nike air max classic bw outsole design helps runners maximize the natural state of the campaign, let the feet and foot muscles get more exercise. Insole designs, benefited from PHYLITE technology use, sole flexibility to upgrade again, also substantially reduce the weight of the shaft. In part of the shoes, Nike's footwear designer based on geometric principles sets the "pressure centers" shake the region, without loss of flexibility under the premise of increased impact resistance in the region. As with the NIKE FREE RUN+ products, NIKE FREE RUN+2 also supports real-time feedback running distance, time, calorie consumption data functions, such as, through the Nike + chip and connection of the appropriate receiving equipment, improvement of running performance views.

Nike air max 1 together with campaign

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Japan fashion brand UNDERCOVER, Nike air max 1 together with campaign manufacturers Nike by build of joint series "inverse go" GYAKUSOU, combined function sexual of slow runs dress, and unique of fashion design sense, let slow runs campaign also can is tide, 2012 Fall/Winter this series continued, not less of multifunctional slow running shoes paragraph also still can see, this back respectively build special version of Nike air max , and LunarSpeed Lite, shoes paragraph. Had only just been brought to you and which will be put on sale in 2013 the M576 25 annual subscription message, such sentiment full of vintage model estimates also reflect what members of the heat to grab objects, first year starting with color schemes and more friendly price is really worth, not friends wasted no time. In addition to M576 yiwai, Nike air max 90 2013 spring of another some views model also while last accept reservation, examples like this year voices continued of 99X series, which of a paragraph M998 new color scheme version also are are landing end. shop, ash end of blue standard of color scheme quite clean, red blue local as embellishment also losing details, features area also is no longer in here more fee ink has, ABZORB of comfortable sense also is see of, has interest of friends also is seize consider 's!

Nike air max has become in recent years

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Nike air max has become in recent years the "tide explosion" the fashion vocabulary. In sneakers, signs more visible. Branded products with different designers, celebrities, even cross-brand and other materials, and so on, again combining, injected a new element in the original blueprint, to the classic color for "essence" repackaging, bring new surprises to the market and consumers. Shoes worn on a daily basis, basically the same style, but Nike air max 90 sneakers after the crossover, there is a new look. On the NBA2007 's got talent Conference, Milwaukee Bucks selected Yi Jianlian from China Guangdong players. Although Yi was CBA MVP that year, but did not rule out, Milwaukee behind him the huge potential of the Chinese market. In addition, Nike continued launched Air Max Elite Hou and for easy built Alliance launched has a paragraph AF1, Nike air max classic and last launched of as, easy built Alliance of constellation "Scorpio" of large identifies still exists, and whole vamp design Shang, in addition to white of top Supreme leather outside, all by similar GUCCI of classic design replaced "Scorpio", laces is used has and GUCCI classic color scheme as of design--just green into has black.

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